Top 7 Best SEO Trends 2017

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In SEO  organize a web page in such a way that if easily search by the user from  collection of web pages. In searching keyword have their own importance according to the user relevance. If keyword is relevant to user so it attract the user otherwise ignored by user. With new year trends change so now you can see SEO trends 2017.

Ranking in different search engines  have different models and different parameters. Google consider user relevance. Which learn by google by keep tracking the user and for ranking user’s feedback is very important in ranking. Google take user’s feedback automatically by checking visiting time on web or by clicks on web etc. Now trends at user end be the change with passage of time.

With start of last year 2016 SEO trends have great focus for that time. Now new year 2017 is coming so, SEO focused as for year 2017. For now techniques of 2016 are become older. So for year 2017  in SEO trends 2017 many new techniques are introduced for SEO. Because trends of user’s are changed. Some are discussed in this article as followings.

The Best SEO Trends 2017 – Useful Tips

1. Use of AMP:-

A new plugin introduced in new seo trends named as Accelerated Mobile pages. By using AMP web page is faster. Response time of web page is low which attract the users and user does not interested in that pages which take much response time.

Much response time is irritating for the user or visitor. So user can ignore that page for next time. AMP for WordPress is available by which you make your pages responsive for mobile devices. Mobile devices includes mobile internet devices, Tablet PC, PDA’s and wearable computers etc.

2. Build User Trust:-

It is very important in search engine optimization to build user trust. Because if user trust your web page then it explore more of your page which benefits your web. If user not trust on the content of your web so it ignore the contents and not visit next time. So then traffic on your web be decrease.

Hence for good seo you need to strongly build user trust.

3. High Readability:-

Readability is the important factor in search engine optimization when you consider the visitor. If content is organized in such a way that visitor can easily understand that content then visitor take interest in it. Other wise visitors leave that content which is not understandable for them.

For increase readability of content you need to follow some instructions which are give below.

  • Use simple words.
  • Use correct and small sentences.
  • Not use much passive voice sentences.
  • Use shorter paragraphs.

4. Visualization For Expressing:-

When expressing some topic in content use some visual effects with text. Because it can be fulfill user need. If user want to know some information through the content it want some thing new. If user or visitor found new thing in content then user’s interest increase and visiting time on your web increase which benefits your ranking.

Because google consider the visitor’s interest for ranking the content or page. Content and its visualize effects be strongly engage for SEO. Its means that visualization are effects are according to the topic of content and text of content. If these are not strongly engaged it give bad impact on the visitor.


5. Use Strong Keywords:-

For good seo use strong keywords in contents. Strong keywords means that keywords according to the user interest. If keywords are not according to the user’s interest then seo compromised and content is not in high rank so content be like back banchers in class with which teacher’s interaction be very low or some time ignored by teacher.

Searching engine use many algorithms for ranking the contents. These algorithms make the search engine intelligent like human so search engine work like human brain. Search engine take many metrics for ranking of contents so then strong keywords make content high ranked.

seo trends 2017 the strong keywords

6. High Quality Instead Of Quantity:-

You need to write high quality content instead of much long content for good SEO. In much quantity some time quality be compromised. Because in long content much things are discussed which are irrelevant for visitor so it was the old trend.

Now preciseness in content make content the user friendly. Long content cause of irritation for visitor because now with fast life user have no much time to read stories. Uses want to the point things so precise content is interesting for visitors.


7. Social Media SEO Trends 2017:-

Now social media become more important for now. Social media is now as search engine. Google put some data from the social media. You can say now social media be one of the trends from seo trends 2017. You need to connected on your social media networks like Facebook, twitter, reddit and stumbleupon etc for sake of seo.


By considering the trends which are discussed in this article your seo become best and you attract too much visitors. Which increase the traffic on your web which is your requirement from seo.


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