30 Great Examples of Still Life Photography

still life image

Still life photography is an art of capturing still life of different things and by photography you can convey message without speaking so by this type of photography you can cover a interesting story. In this type of photography all minor details of the subject be cover effectively.

Linking of subject with its environment is very interesting. It covers the food photography, product photography and top table photography. In this type of photography you points a unique subject and highlight the subject in its environment.

In still life photography basically you focused on the subject by which you covers all the details of subject. So capture still life photograph in such a way that there be the difference between the subject and its environment then subject be focused in photograph.

For taking details of object see the object through all angles and then specify a angle from where all details of your subject express in better way. You also need to change focus on subject for capturing the details. So you need to think for taking still life photographs of different things.

In still life photography you need to avoid form reflective surfaces because by reflection details of subject be covered by reflection and also know the all light effects on objects and this is possible by thinking. Some still photographs are given below.

1. Flower And Jug Still Photograph

Fine focus on jug and flower. Subject expression is very nice in this this photograph. Light effects highlight minor details of the subject.

still life image

2. Beautiful Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are looking very charming and beautiful. Here subject is purple flowers and all details of subject highlight in this photograph. Subject is highlighted in its environment.

still photograph of purple flower

3. Different Things On Table

Showing very attractive view of things on the table. One glass is filled and other is empty most beautiful seen that shows all the details about the photograph.

still life photo graph things on table

4. Overflow Of Coffee from Cup

In this photograph minor details of the liquid in cup after the over flow highlighted. All coffee drops are looking very beautiful and light effects are controlled.

still life photograph overflow of coffee form cup

5. Cherry On Fork And Reflection On Table

A cherry on the fork and its reflection on the table looking interesting. Light effects are very well managed for this photograph.

beautiful still life photograph cherry on fork

6. Heart Through Ring Still Life Photography

Interesting photograph for expressing the love. Heart creation through the ring by the light effects on ring and book surface be very attractive.

valentines day still life photograph

7. Cool Photograph Water Drops On Mangoes

Water drops on the surface of mangoes looking very beautiful. Tiny water drops are very highlighted on the surface of mangoes.

interesting still photograph of mangoes

8. Red Berries In The Plate

Highlighter red berries looking very nice and all details of environment covered in this photograph but priority of subject is high.

still life attraction

9. Tools Of Artist 2017

Different tools of an artist on the rack looking very attractive. Different brushes are highlighted in this photograph. All minor details of subject cover in this photograph and subject be the tools.

still art photography pictures

10. Green Glass Bottle – Still Life Photography

An Old green glass bottle on the surface with bushes looking very beautiful. The environment represent the green glass bottle old.

still life photograph green glass bottle

11. Strawberries On Table Still Life

Nice photograph that express overflow of the bowl on the table surface. Here subject is strawberries and subject is highlighted in the photograph.

still life photograph strawberries on table

12. Winner King Of The Game Photograph

A king of chess board represent the winner. King is highlighted in this photograph. In its background all falling things but not highlighted as subject so all details of subject looking right.

still life photograph king of chess

13. Peacock Family Bones

Bones of peacock family and a magnifier with change looking very attractive. All things on the table is a subject and table is environment of subject.

mistery still life photography

14. Oil Bottle With Tomatoes On Table

Highlighted oil bottle with respect to its environment very nice but subject is linked with its environment like tomatoes and table.

sitll life a oil bottle on table

15. Vegetables On Surface Of Table

Vegetables on the table is very charming seen. Better light effects on the subject. Coverage angle is best for this photograph of still life.

still life photographs vegetable on table

16. Hot Tea On Office Table

A still view of the office table. Here some steam represent the hot tea on the table. Relation of subject with its environment express in very fine way.

still life steam of hot tea on table

17.  Tea Time Table View

Its a table view at tea time. Subject are highlighted in efficient manner and flowers provide cause for attraction on the table and all environment is tightly coupled with subject.

still life tea time

18. Dark Seen Water, Glass And Petals

Nice dark seen a glass full of water and some rose petal on the table providing a beautiful look of the glass. Light effects are very nice in this still life photograph.

dark seen still life photograph

19. Coffee Beans – Still Life Photography

Coffee beans in the bowl and a tray looking very attractive. Bowl is highlighted in this photograph. Link of subject and environment is very strong in this photograph.

still life photograph

20. Glass Bottles A Dark Seen

Collection of empty glass bottles look attractive. This still photograph is very beautiful and highlighted with respect to its environment.

still life glass bottles

21. Toronto Still Life Photograph

Still life photograph of Toronto. Best light effects in this photograph. Buildings are highlighted and other details are not highlighted in this photograph.

toronto still life

22. Photograph Scissor Still Life

Scissor in this photograph a subject and all it details are covered in this photograph. Environment is blurred linked with the subject.

still life

23. Toy Airplane Still Photograph

Yellow toy airplane is subject in this photograph so all details of airplane highlighted in this photograph. Light focus is on the air plane very attractive.

still life toy airplane

24. Fallen Basket Of Fruits

Fallen basket and rose petal on the orange looking very beautiful and light effects are very fine in this still life photograph. Rose petals looking very nice in this photograph.

still life fallen basket

25. Still Squirrel Photograph

Still squirrel looking very cute in this photograph. Squirrel try to jump on the floor form the grill. Fine focus on the subject in this still photograph.

still photography a squirrel

26. Glass Having Strawberry And Water

In this photograph subject is glass and one strawberry in the glass which is filled with the water. Shining edges of glass looking very beautiful in this photograph.

still life photography

27. Blue Toy On Table Still Life Photograph

Toy on table is very attractive and this is highlighted in the photograph. Light effect are very fine and highlights the subject on the table.

still life on table

28. Wrist Watch On Table

Wrist watch on table looking very attractive and beautiful. It represents the still moment of time. Highlights of subject are very fine.

still wrist watch

29. Blooming Flowers

Blooming flowers in a pot looking very attractive. A flower is highlighter and its relation with its environment is very strong.

still life photography blooming flowers

30. Lake And Land

Lake and land a still photograph looking very charming. Zebra on the side land of the lake and be still in photograph and environment is very beautiful.

still life photography


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