Top 15 Elegant Arabic Mehndi Designs Images 2017

Mehndi is a natural product that has been used by men and women in different cultures. It has been used to decorate body parts and also to color hair by both men and women in many Asian countries as well as Muslim countries in the Arab world.

Mehndi also known as “henna”, that’s derived from Sanskrit word “mendhika”. Mehndi is a paste that is created from the powdered leaf of the henna plant and women uses it on different festival to make her festivals and also her beautiful. Women used Mehndi in different festivals like in marriages, parties and special occasions.

Mehndi mostly used in eastern area on different festivals. Mehndi designs are very famous for the women in Asian countries as well in Arab, women looking for every time to find new designs of mehndi. Mehndi used in decoration of hands and feet of brides and on some special occasions in Asian and Arab countries. Women mostly used mehndi on their hands, arms and feet to look beautiful. There are many types in mehndi designs like Indian mehndi design, Pakistani mehndi design and Arabic mehndi design.

Arabic mehndi designs looks great, in Arabic mehndi designs there are lots of dots that give the appearance of solid and perfect color in large areas on hands and palms. Arabic mehndi designs are strong and like flowers. In Arabic mehndi designs mostly uses lines and dots inside large spaces.

Arabic mehndi designs popularity due to its easiness. It is simple and easy to apply on hands and feet because in Arabic designs, lines and dots uses mostly. Another goodness of Arabic mehndi design is that these designs are not very large and leave skin visible making it easier for women to apply on hands and feet.

In the end, we say that no one design is better or more beautiful and there are lovers of both Indian and Pakistani as well as Arabic mehndi designs. Everyone have its own choice, some choose Pakistani menhdi designs, some Indian and some Arabic.

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